43,000 gallon LPG storage finding new life in Montana

Badger Equipment Calgary is readying the tank to head to its new home. Tank rotated 90° and set on trailer to decrease the overall height and eliminate pilot cars. Badger Equipment Calgary, Southbound and down. On its way to Worden Montana. 103,000 lbs of steel plus the tractor and trailer running down the highway. Tank in the air and 45° to go. Note the spreader bar and shives with rubber encased cables to aid in the vessel rotation. Landed in it’s new home in…

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Skidded 30,500 gallon 250 psi Bullet now available

Skidded 30,500 gallon 250 psi Bullet now available This vessel is in new condition on a winchable skid Comes with float gauge, excess-flow valves, multi-port relief manifold Registered for Alberta Drawings and U1-A are available Maxfield 30,000 skid  

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Sour Separator 48″ x 16″ x 1440 psi

Sour Separator 48″ x 16′ x 1440 psi RT1 (Vessel) 3 Phase dressed 3 phase Water Boot Condensate Conditioner with Pumps Daniel SR 6” Meter Run Roughneck Heater Lights Building approximately 12’ x 24′ x 16′ Skidded with Eye Hooks for ease of loading Sitting in yard disconnected Unit never used in sour service Put to bed properly in 2012 Inspected in 2012, didn’t go back into service Easy access for trucks & cranes Road is good approximately 2 – 3 miles off pavement Located south of Valleyview Alberta For additional pictures please follow link below https://www.badgerequipment.ca/product_listing/48-x-16-1440-psi-sour-inlet-separator/

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Western Rock Bit NGL Bullet Finds New Home

Western Rock Bit 20,600 gallon LPG/NGL storage bullet Western Rock Bit 20,600 gallon NGL Bullet was steam cleaned internally, dried, buffed and had a complete Mag Particle & UT inspection. This vessel is undressed and ready to load. This is how you can expect to see vessels completed when you purchase from Badger Equipment. Call Darcy Harbourne @ 403-540-9225 for all your pressure vessel and storage tank needs, new or used.  

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Dominion Bridge 90’s Find New Homes

Dominion Bridge 90,000s

Over two days and some trailer adjustments all four of these Dominion Bridge 90,000 gallon 225 psi NGL/LPG storage vessels, originally from the Nexen Balzac gas plant were loaded on trucks and delivered individually to both North and South Dakota locations. Alma-D Crane Rental Inc. did a great job of maneuvering and placing all four tanks on the two rotating trailer plates with the back one being a steerable style (very cool) in very tight accommodations. In short order they were installed on new concrete piers, buttoned up with rebuilt relief valves, painted and placed into service….

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Forever Humboldt

  Forever A Humboldt Bronco – 16 young lives cut short. Not to be forgotten but to be revered in the way in which they lived their lives.  

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90,000 Gallon LPG Storage

1965 Dominion Bridge 90,000

1965 Dominion Bridge ASME code compliant 225 psi @ 100 deg F 134″ ID x 112′ Registered for Alberta Disconnected sitting in lay down yard Easy loading access Ladder and platform available Inspection history Data reports Drawings

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Western Canada Pro-Par Tank Distributor

Pro-Par Logo

                       BADGER EQUIPMENT is the Western Canadian sales partner for Pro-Par Inc. We can custom build pressure vessels to your requirements, material specifications, nozzle locations & connection styles, low temperature, high or low pressure, horizontal or vertical storage, from 5,000 to 90,000 gallon NGL/LPG/NH3 Manufactured and certified to the ASME Section VIII-Div-1 (“U” stamped) code LPG Dispensers Horizontal and vertical space-saving models incorporate simplified piping and intuitive hook-ups. Options include auto-propane dispensing pumps, meter filling – scale combinations, and attached lighting fixtures. LPG Domestic Tanks 320 to 5,000 gallons Our…

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WRB 30,000 gallon NGL/LPG Storage Vessel

Just in, 1988 western Rock Bit 30,000 gallon NGL/LPG Storage Vessel MDMT -20°F @ 250 psi MAWP 250 psi @ 115°F Head & Shell Material SA 516-70 Registered Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba & Saskatchewan

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