Badger Equipment

New 10,850 uswg Tandem LPG Trailer

List Date: November 30, 2020

New 10,850 uswg Tandem LPG Trailer

Unit is optimized for use/sale in the USA

Product Details

Design Pressure: 250 PSI (1724 kPa)
Design Code: CFR 49, ASME Section VIII Division 1
Registration: National Board
U-Stamp: Yes
Radiography: RT-1
Stress Relieve: Yes
Shell/Head : SA517-B
Air Ride, Drum Brakes, Michelin Tires
Pump: 4” CORKEN Z4200
Motor: Eaton 6.7 in3 Hydraulic Motor
Driver or Passenger side load/unload

2 Units complete and ready to roll

Optional Disc Brakes Unit Available