New ready to complete 30,000 uswg LPG Storage tanks

List Date: November 30, 2020

Product Details

Capacity: 30,000 USWG
Size: 109” ID x 58’-6” S/S
OAL: 63’-11”
Orientation: Horizontal
Design Pressure Int.: 250 psi (1724 kPa)
Design Temp: 115°F (46°C)
MDMT: -20°F (-29°C)
Corrosion Allowance: Nil
Design Code: CSA B51, ASME Section VIII Division 1
Registration: BC, AB, SK, & National Board Number
U-Stamp: Yes
Radiography: RT-2
Stress Relieve: No
Service: LPG

These tanks are 2 to 3 weeks out. Optional saddles welded or loose

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